Become a PAMM Fund Manager

Monetize your trading strategy and increase your profit margins

Are you passionate about trading and believe you can deliver consistent results? Join Orbex as a PAMM Fund Manager (PAMM.M) and allow other traders to invest in your trading strategy. Create a large pool of funds and set a performance fee to charge on your investors’ profits.

New Client? Trading involves a high level of risk
Existing Client*
*Apply to become a PAMM fund manager directly on your myorbex dashboard.
Trading involves a high level of risk
Become a PAMM Fund Manager
Become a PAMM Fund Manager

How to Set Up
a PAMM Fund Strategy

Setting up a Percentage Allocation Management Module strategy is very simple. You will essentially be sharing your trading portfolio for others to invest in. Simply visit your myorbex and under the PAMM tab choose to open a “PAMM Manager account” (PAMM.M).

You will then be able to set a performance fee that your investors will pay each time they make a profit. Your performance statistics and ratings will also be made available for investors to review. This means that the better your overall trading results are, the more investors you are likely to attract and there is virtually no limit to how much you can earn.

Why Become a PAMM Manager?

Offer other traders your strategy, and earn a percentage on their profits

Copy Trade Prevention

It’s a Win-Win

Offering your trading strategy as a PAMM manager can benefit both you and the investors that choose to invest in your fund, as they will also receive a portion of the total profits earned.

Multiple Offers, Limited Restrictions

Custom Performance Fee

Set your own performance fee percentage and create an offer to attract investors in a way that suits your monetization goals.

Custom Performance Fee

Unlimited Earning Potential

Earn additional income by trading your funds and those of your investors. The bigger your profits the more investments you will attract, and the greater your earnings will be!

Automatic P&L Distribution

Security & Fund Segregation

Trade with the peace of mind that your funds and those of your investors are kept in segregated accounts, while your strategy is kept private and secure.

Private Accounts

Automatic P&L Distribution

Profits or Losses are automatically distributed at the end of each trading period while your trading performance is also available for all Orbex investors to see and invest in!

Custom Trading Intervals

Transparent Reporting

Access detailed reports on your investors, pool of funds, performance fee earnings and personal P&L statistics on your PAMM Fund Management dashboard.

Trading involves a high level of risk

How to Become a PAMM Manager

  • Registerfor an Orbex
    Trading Account
  • Fundyour Orbex
  • Applyfor a PAMM Manager
    account on yourdashboard
  • Set your offerand desired
    performance fee %
  • Tradeprofit, and monetize
    your strategy

Looking to invest in other
PAMM Fund Managers?

Invest with professional fund managers and have them trade for you! Whether you are looking to outsource your trading to an experienced trader with a proven track record or are simply looking to diversify by investing in the strategies of other traders, our PAMM service is perfect for you. Open a PAMM investor account, start investing with one or multiple Fund Managers and benefit from a portion of their profits!

Trading involves a high level of risk